Questions to Ask Before You Create Animated Explainer Videos for Your Business

As the old adage goes, one should “Know thyself.” Just like with many other different pursuits in this world, this advice is also extremely useful when it comes to producing animated explainer videos for your business. In order for animation to be considered effective, this needs to be in sync with your strategic and branding objectives.

When you speak of animation, this pertains to the art of presenting a series of photos or pictures in a rapid sequence to create the illusion of motion. This can be done either in the traditional 2D, 3D or by way of motion capture. Most of the time, animation was the series of images manually drawn by the artist movement after another, best presented in flipbook format or with each image photographed, presenting them through video program, a method that can be quite painstaking. Today, with the rise of highly technical animation such as motion capture, animation has almost become life-like, something that benefits those who choose to use animated explainer videos.

However, you have to remember that you don’t just go and grab the first company that comes your way and ask them to make a video for you. There are several questions you need to ask yourself first to ensure that very animation ingredient is well prepared before you enter the production process with a studio.

How Will You Use the Video?

Explainer VideosThink of all possibilities, such as featuring the video on your website’s homepage, for key presentations, as viral-aimed video that will be promoted on social channels, in email basis or in a trade show. The format of the video should fit with the context of the particular venue where this will be showcased.

If the video will be shown during trade shows, for example, it must be less audio heavy since there will be distracting din everywhere. Meanwhile, viral-aimed videos must have features which will prompt sharing. Finally, homepage videos must direct users to a website specification.

What Objective Does Your Video Hope to Achieve? Where Do You Want to Steer the Viewers?

The most common includes to educate, drive conversions, drive traffic, acquire user emails and other details or a combination of any of these.

After your viewers watched the animated explainer videos, you have to urge them to make a move. It could mean encouraging them to click the icon at the video’s conclusion to fill out the contact form, contact you by other means, sign up for the newsletter, download a free demo or a white paper. There are numerous ways on how you can go about it.

What is Your Target Length for the Video?

If you will go over two minutes, you will fall into the danger zone of your audience’s attention span. You have to prioritize the selling points you like to feature. Remember that you don’t have to explain everything about what you offer in your animated explainer videos. All you need is make your viewers crave for more.