Oberlo Dropshipping – This is What You Need to Know

Dropshipping with Oberlo is the new way to integrate AliExpress.com into your Shopify store. If you sell product from AliExpress.com or you are considering selling product from AliExpress.com, Oberlo might be the integration app that you should use.

Oberlo is a third-party app available in your Shopify App Store, and it helps sellers sell a new product with ease.

Here are Steps to Install Oberlo

To install Oberlo, click on Apps in your Shopify store, then click on “Visit Shopify App Store.”

App Store Shopify

OberloOnce you are in the App Store, search for “Oberlo” in the search bar, and click on the Oberlo App integration.

Click “Get” to install.

Next, navigate back to you Apps and click on Oberlo to open up the App.

Using Oberlo in Shopify

Welcome Page Oberlo

When you log into Oberlo, you will see your navigation menu on the left-hand side. The big blue logo is the home button, the second button allows you to search for and import product. The paper icon is your customer order section and the bell represents notifications. You will spend a lot of time in the products section when you first begin using Oberlo.

Searching for Products in Oberlo

Oberlo Product SearchWhen I first started using Oberlo, it seemed a little bit confusing, but after using it for a while, I got the hang of it. Oberlo integrates the AliExpress website into your Shopify store. As you search for products, listings from AliExpress show up. There are a TON of listings and you have to search through a number of listings to find the product that you want to sell.

Start a search in Oberlo and find a couple of product that you want to review. Click on the green “Add to Import List” button. Next, go to the product navigation icon and click on “Import List.”

Importing Clean Product from Oberlo

This part is crucial. You have to edit the listings that come in from Oberlo from AliExpress. The products are tagged with a lot of keywords. Suppliers are trying to move product, so they put in a lot of keywords.

Normally, I will select a few products that I want to important and clean up the titles and descriptions one by one, then import them into my store. It is easier to manage the new product when you focus on a few products at a time. When I initially started importing product, I selected well over 100 products to import. It quickly became a mess, and I lost track.

When you have completed editing the title, description, collection, type and tags, select “Push to Shop.” After I push a few products to my store, I generally go back into the product section in Shopify and make sure that the product listing looks the way it should. Sometimes I will delete some of the images that come over from AliExpress, especially if there are variants that I am not offering.

If you need help using the Oberlo app or would like to learn more, feel free to contact us here.